Dental Implant

Implant Full Mouth Reconstruction



 Before picture of teeth in very bad condition


This patient came in with teeth that were on its last legs. He was very adamant about avoiding dentures and a suitable treatment plan was formulated for his needs. A plan of removal of failing and decayed teeth with replacement by multiple titanium implants with porcelain teeth was adopted. A Sinus Lift graft operation was undertaken in order to ensure adequate bone support for the dental implants as well as some soft tissue grafting in order to frame his smile properly. Throughout the entire grafting procedure the patient was fabricated a fixed temporary so the work would not interfere with his daily activities.

Once the dental implants had healed in, porcelain teeth were designed to fit his bite, speech pattern, comfort and smile. Smile and top view of the teeth before the holes were sealed up. The advantage of screw retained teeth is in case of damage to teeth, they can be repaired cheaply instead of a whole replacement of a crown. After the teeth are properly torqued and fitted the access holes for the gold screws will be obscured with a white filling material. I prefer to install my implant teeth screw retained instead of relying on cement. I find screws to be cleaner than cement, reliable, and easily facilitate repairs if anything happens.



 Beautiful smile after completion of dental implantsAfter picture of the lower jaw restored with implantsAfter picture of upper teeth restored with implants