Dental Case Studies

Every person is unique has distinct needs to fulfill. Hopefully, the following cases will give you an idea of what can be accomplised for you. With all these patients, they were given alternatives and selected the options they felt was the best fit. All the prosthetic work was done by me and these include teeth whitening, veneers, ceramic crowns and bridges, fillings, implants, and complete fabrication of dentures. We tried to customize the teeth with input from the patient to make them look as natural as possible to achieve an esthetic result.

In order to achieve the following results only the best materials and implant parts are used. We have a full dental lab in order to fabricate custom parts to meet our patient needs.

Often a team of specialists including periodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons and endodontists are consulted to ensure the patient is receiving the highest standard of care.