Patient Testimonials

A picture of two implants


Patient review from Barbara H.


My teeth and I have had an uneasy alliance for many years. On the verge of losing them, I diligently searched websites and interviewed dentists for implants. It was my good fortune to find Dr. Dean Dai, and from there, I began the journey with him and his wonderful staff toward that goal. From bone grafts to extraction, and more, Dr. Dai treated me with a combination of sincere concern and skillful professionalism. He was always immediately available for my emergencies with my temporaries whenever I abused them, understanding how embarrassing it would be for me to appear before my students with a snaggle-tooth smile. I was very impressed with his attention to detail and willingness to explain everything he intended to do to ensure I received the best possible outcome. There was very little outsourcing of procedures. He is skilled in oral surgery, attentive to aesthetics, and has every imaginable tool and equipment in the dental world! His office manager worked with my insurance to get the most coverage. The fees, when compared to other estimates, were very reasonable. Most importantly, the journey culminated for me with wonderfully strong and beautiful teeth. Dr. Dai tells me I can crack crab legs with them, and I believe him. I would recommend his services to anyone who needs the solicitous integrity and and skillful dentistry he offers his patients.


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